Our Services

Among our services, we provide:

  • Licensed professionals with generations of funeral service experience.  We are highly trained in embalming and take great pride in returning dignity to the deceased.  We believe viewing the body sets the tone for healthy grieving.
  • Pre-arrangements to be sure that all of your needs and special circumstances can be provided.  Funded or un-funded.
  • Arrangements for timely and convenient wake and funeral services. Personalized services also include special flower, memorabilia and streaming video/photo displays, tribute candles, keepsakes, etc....
  • Assistance with accommodations and transportation for out-of-town family and friends.
  • Assistance in providing for a fitting service, memorial and other arrangements to honor the "Memory of the Life Lived."
  • Obtaining the necessary death certificate and burial permit.
  • Assistance with filling out and filing the appropriate forms regarding insurance, benefits and arrangements with fraternal organizations.
  • Writing and placing death notices with the appropriate newspapers and radio.
  • Personalized Cremation Services (numerous options available).
  • A wide selection of caskets, urns and burial vaults.
  • Preparations for monuments and related inscriptions.
  • Assistance with financial arrangements.